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snowflake[英]['snflek][美][snoflek]n.雪花,雪片; 复数:snowflakes以上结果来自金山词霸

正是白雪皑皑的冬日,窗外还飘着片片雪花,接住仔细一看,却了雪花神奇的美丽! 这雪花,六角,八角,无奇不有.曾听说在数万片雪花中两片是完全相同的,这令我不禁大吃,这又同人,雪花完美,而人又求全,但却同雪花,人长相、思想

冬天来了(Winter comes) It is cold and dry outside. The wind often blows strongly. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Many animals go to sleep. They will sleep for a long time till the spring comes. People don't like to go outside.

圣诞老人驯鹿圣诞袜雪人铃铛圣诞树雪花Santa Claus reindeer Christmas stocking Snowman Bell Christmas tree snowflake圣诞老人驯鹿圣诞袜雪人铃铛圣诞树雪花Santa Claus reindeer Christmas stocking Snowman Bell Christmas tree snowflake

romantic snowflakes/poetical snowflakes

使揉 snow 使肉 读第四声

Today,it is snowy.We make a woman outside the house.We are happy.First.We make a ball of snow.Then we make another snowball.This one is smaller than the fiest.We put this snowball on that snowball.We make another small snowball,we put it


snow at dusk,the weather became colder while the sky was gray,and the cold wind was blowing seemed that it was going to snow soon. a moment later,the snowflakes began to fall quietly.soon the land before my eyes was all white,like a

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