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although/though(still) Although/Though it was raining, he (still)went there.

你好!虽然.但是却Although. But

although/though.(still)Although/Though it was raining,he (still)went there.

用while,比如:I'm doing housework while my husband is watching TV.希望能帮到你~

像这种情景可以用到的词:therefore,and,thus,consequentally,in this way,like this,hence (这个词比较书面).不过常用的口语表达用 so.

没戏 no way (never think of it) 我请客 I am on the house 势利眼 snob这个一般用于形容势力的人

一、~~~ the + ~ est +名词+ (that) +主词+ have ever + seen (known/heard/had/read, etc) ~~~ the most +形容词+名词+ (that) +主词+ have ever + seen (known/heard/had/read, etc) 例句:Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. 海伦

前面是few 否定所以后面肯定are there

用过去式、进行式; 用wonder, be afraid:Would you mind my smoking here?Could I sit here?How did you like the room?I am hoping that you agree to this plan.I wonder whether you like this room.I am afraid that I can't go with you.

虽然我们生活在和平年代,但世界上其他地区仍然有一些孩子为他们的生活而担忧Although we live in a peaceful age, but in other parts of the world there are still some children worried about their lives

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