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忘记过去 展望未来

mick的kick ass,歌词:MIKA - Kick Ass (we are young) We are young We are strong We're not looking for where we belong We're not cool We are free And we're running with blood on our knees We could rule the world On a silver platter From the

We Are Young Fun.,Janelle Monae Give me a second I I need to get my story straight My friends are in the bathroom Getting higher than the Empire State My lover she's waiting for me Just across the bar My seats been taken by some sunglasses

we are young"we are young"收录自美国独立流行乐团fun.的第二张录音室专辑《some nights》."we are young"曾被glee翻唱,翻唱版本首发时登上了billboard第12位,并在itunes单曲下载榜上排行第一.原版也在2012年2月超级碗期间也

[图文] even when we are considered too old for such things. Cornel Sanders started his business when he or too young,but it is the desire to dream on,and the courage to realize it. Having a dream,taking it to

[图文] we are young, we can st 1.虽然我们年纪小,我们仍然能为保护环境做一些事情.we are young, we can still to protect the environ ment. 2.怀特一家在扔垃圾之前总是要将它们分类. The Whites always sort

We Are Young"We Are Young"收录自美国独立流行乐团Fun.的第二张录音室专辑《Some Nights》."We Are Young"曾被Glee翻唱,翻唱版本首发时登上了Billboard第12位,并在itunes单曲下载榜上排行第一.原版也在2012年2月超级碗期

mika - kick ass (we are young) we are youngwe are strongwe're not looking for where we belongwe're not coolwe are freeand we're running with blood on our kneeswe could rule the worldon a silver platterfrom the wrong to the right lightto an open

我们正年轻 楼上说的没问题 we are young 读作:喂 啊 漾 这还是首著名的歌,看过一战到底吗? 选手掉下去的时候放的就是这首获格莱美奖的歌 We are young.

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